Huatai Plaza Landscape Design

Project scope: Conceptual design
Project area: 13200 m2
Project site: Shanghai, China
Project duration: 2020

This project is located between well-known buildings in the Pudong area, Shanghai, which are China Art Museums with the strong Chinese character and Mercedez Benz Arena with its modern ambiance. By reflecting on that point, we saw the contrast between those buildings as an advantage to create an urban realm that can blur the boundary between those strong characters. Adapting the element of the Chinese style and transform it into a modern shape and materials are our strategies to achieve the main goal of this place. With the flexibility in the style and character, this place also will bring joy and comfort for the users that visit or just passed through this place

Area zoning on location is based on current utilization and the surrounding area. the main zone (public space) is located in the middle area which has direct access to the existing office plaza. The southern entrance zone is located next to the metro station to facilitate visitors' navigation and make the area feel wider and have high visual quality. 

This place is flanked by high concentrated pedestrian streets, and has the potential as an alternative pathway that facilitates visitors to rest and enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere when passing through

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