Yancheng Water Supply Company- Office & Hotel Landscape Design

Project scope: Conceptual design - Construction drawing design
Project area: 2.3 Ha
Project site: Yancheng, Jiangsu
Project duration: 2020

Inspired by his vision, this office space landscape is designed with a touch of natural forms from nature. the smooth curved shape will give the impression of flexibility and dynamism. The flow of the river becomes a basic shape which is then broken down and expanded to create the space.

In the office area, the landscape becomes the focal point and is located in front of the office which can enhance the visual impression of the office. As a water supply company, the water element also appears in the form of a water feature with a unique shape. Several benches are also placed in this area as employee support facilities. Besides, the side and rear areas of the office are also equipped with rest areas in the form of benches and a pergola which can be used when employees relax or have lunch.

In addition to the office area, there are also office, commercial and company-owned hotel complexes that are wrapped in landscapes with the same concept, so that there is unity in design and atmosphere. Unlike the office area, the landscape of this area can be accessed directly by the public, at the corner of this area, openings such as plazas are designed as pedestrian entrances, besides that, this plaza also has access for cars on the side of the plaza. There is an island landscape in between the plaza and the building as an accent which also serves to access vehicles. The hotel has a landscape that is different from the others, by giving an oriental impression to the landscape design. This strategy is used to become a visual marker and also to support the visual character of the hotel, which should look more magnificent and beautiful.
Office Landscape
Commercial & Hotel Landscape
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