Yiwu Garden
Project scope: Conceptual design
Project area: 180㎡
Project site: Yiwu, Zhengjiang
Project duration: 2020
The garden is a very personal space. This garden was designed not only with the intuition of a designer, but a long discussion about the impressions and hopes of this garden for the next few years was also carried out to create a design that is not only beautiful but also durable and memorable. The oriental nuance is embedded in the garden design as an identity, the elements of the thick Chinese natural landscape elements are also an inspiration. The use of rocks as an abstraction from river flow, exotic plants such as pine and bonsai are key elements to create an oriental feel. The zone in the park is divided into three, namely the service zone which is at the back and close to the walls of the house and warehouse, the relaxing area, located in the middle, and next to the fish pond. tables and chairs for tea are placed in this zone. and the reception zone, which was designed with large stones as well as a wooden bridge for a transitional feel.