Jinghu Garden
Project scope: Conceptual design
Project area: 800㎡
Project site: Shaoxing, Zhejiang
Project duration: 2020
With a European character building, clients want to have a garden for outdoor activities such as outdoor dining or a lawn to relax in the summer with a natural atmosphere. The condition of the back garden is quite steep with a height that is not consistent. By referring to the key aspects, the design landscape is modern enough without leaving a natural impression by placing stones and planting materials on several sides. The lawn in the backyard is designed with a comfortable slope for a relaxing or playing area. The existing large and good trees are maintained to reduce the footprint of the construction process. The platform from the wooden deck and trees as shade on the side of the house provides a place for outdoor dining. book reading spots are also provided on the side of the building which also leads to the backyard. At the top level of the backyard, there is an area for growing vegetables and also a room for entertaining guests and drinking tea, in this space, open views of the lawn and the architecture of the house can be enjoyed.