Fuyang Garden
Project scope: Conceptual design
Project area: 650㎡
Project site: Fuyang,Hangzhou
Project duration: 2020
Located on the riverside, this park has 3 levels of elevation. on the first level, this area has a direct connection with access to the house and also the family room, there are openings in the house overlooking this garden. On the side of the house entrance, there is an outdoor living room for visiting guests or for family members who want to relax in the outdoor space. There is also a water feature with orange trees on the side of the outdoor living room to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Facilities for children's play are also placed on a lawn area. At the second level, the garden functions more like an extension of the house. The wood deck with the maple tree as a focal point is placed on the side of this area. the transition area from level one and level two is used as space for growing vegetables. At the third level, the landscape is directly adjacent to the river. In addition to resting areas and reading areas, there is also a tea room at this level, so that the atmosphere in this area is more useful for getting calm and peace.
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