Shangyu Homestay

Project scope: Conceptual design-Construction drawing design
Project area: 1638㎡
Project site: Shangyu,Shaoxing
Project duration: 2020

Shangyu City is located in the core hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta around Hangzhou Bay. With the opening of Jiashao bridge and Hangzhou Ningbo high-speed railway, Shangyu will quickly integrate into the two-hour urban life circle of greater Shanghai, and form a half-hour group structure development relationship with the central cities of the Yangtze River Delta such as Hangzhou and Ningbo. 

There are rich historical and cultural heritage resources around the project. Yue Kiln is the place where celadon is made, which represents the image of China's "silk country"; Chunhui middle school, the spatial carrier of the new culture of the May 4th Movement; the hometown of Zhu Yingtai, the birthplace of Chinese love culture; the xiaonu temple, which represents the origin of Chinese filial piety culture and Shangyu City. Many cultural heritages provide important support for the development of local B & B.

The home stay is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. 1.6 km to the north is the famous cherry blossom Valley and peach blossom Valley in the Yangtze River Delta. There is Lengwan reservoir resort in the south, which is an ideal place to receive tourists.

Within 500m of the house, we could find several potentials in the surrounding environment that can strengthen the homestay's values. These potentials can be optimized into an integrated tourism plan for the community as well
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