Donghe Jiugu-Homestay
Donghe jiugu Kaixin farm is the first of its type that approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's government, with a planning area of 222.10 hectares (3345 mu). It is located in Xinzheng village, Lixin Town, Chongming District, Shanghai ecological island. It is characterized by rice planting, rice fine processing, rice culture display, farming experience. This place mainly consist of leisure, meeting reception, health care and popular science education areas. Donghe jiugu Kaixin farm is one of the four pilot projects of Shanghai leisure agriculture and rural tourism facilities planning in 2016, the special base of urban modern agriculture development in Chongming District in 2018, and Chongming National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone in 2018. Through the implementation of this project, Donghe jiugu is more confident and determined to firmly carry forward the rural development mode in the new period of Rural Revitalization and integration of three industries