Qiaoai Estate Landscape Design

Project scope: Conceptual
Project site: Songjiang,Shanghai
Project area: 610.73㎡
Project duration: 2019

      In view of the current situation of the diversity of courtyard architectural style, and is no longer limited to a certain architectural style, courtyard design forms and styles are also increasingly diversified. In this

      In the space of the main entrance,Tuning uses a large volume of boxwood. Because of its evergreen, pruning resistant characteristics and low cost of seedlings, it is an ideal object for customers to complete the requirements of courtyard maintenance.

      The Spanish architectural style and relatively abundant design area make Tuning have a special interest in creating a large area of lawn, and the unique design site of the plant ball lawn and the rest platform area add different feelings. The overall lawn design connects the entrance area and the gravel moss area, and forms a transition and buffer between the two styles.

mr tang
      The design of the sunshine room fully takes into account the subjective needs of customers for drying clothes and improving the quality of the courtyard design, enriching the family activities.

      The eastern flavor of the gravel moss area is more strong. The use of gravel can fully solve the problem of ground drainage, and every time after the rain wash, it will be new, practical and beautiful.

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