Xinshanhuizhongyuan Estate Landscape Design

Project scope: Conceptual Design
Project site:Songjiang,Shanghia
Project area: 473.76㎡
Year of completion: 2019

      From the plan, we can see that the courtyard is surrounded by an arc Road, so the design scope is not regular, and the entrance and exit of the courtyard is right here, involving a series of problems such as vehicle turning.

plan 1019
      The owner clearly requires two parking spaces in the yard. According to this, we will integrate the parking area and the indoor entrance location, one large and one small, one loose and one tight, so that the space becomes lively.

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      And we use the rest of the space to build an outdoor living room, which is separated by greening to maximize the use of space, and can be used in a short time, the simplest way to enter a semi private space. The winding road near the asphalt road adds fun to the courtyard, and the original grapefruit tree is preserved here, corresponding to the red maple on the side.

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      In the wood platform area, two original plants, a camphor and a ginkgo, are combined with the gravel landscape. In addition, the characteristic landscape wall is built here and the primary color aluminum mirror is hung to increase the visual space area in this way. All of these will be reflected in the eyes of indoor viewers, because the building wall here is a large glass curtain wall.

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      From the perspective of ecology and sustainable design, the planting area is flexible in landscape expression, which is conducive to management; on the other hand, the owner of the courtyard can freely participate in the construction of the courtyard, and this construction will continue.

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