Ganso Dream World

Project scope:Deepening Design of Construction Drawings
Project site: Qingpu,Shanghai
Project area: 4.36 Ha
Project duration: 2014-2019

      The project is designed by world-famous architect Anton Zhongxiong. It is quite different from the solemn and meditative meditation tone in Tadao Ando's past works. The positioning of Ganso dream world needs more cheerful and bright elements. For the first time in his life, Tadao Ando used curves to customize the cloud like appearance of the "dream sky" partition for children.

      The soft free curve derived from the natural cloud shape deepens the dreamlike color of the building, and also changes the dignified style in Tadao Ando's past works, becoming warm, friendly and extremely friendly.
      Mountain Waterfront

      The neat Metasequoia forest, the water bank and the buildings themed with dreamlike hills form a comfortable and leisure riverside leisure tree shade corridor, and the earth slope of the protective dike is used to form a natural under forest leisure space to create a "urban forest"
      Valley of mountains

      The empty space treatment of the neat underground garage provides the foundation for the design of the mountain valley. We use the height difference of the basement and the relatively claustrophobic parking environment to plant trees in combination with the height difference of the original terrain, so as to ensure that we can still enjoy the rare beauty when looking around, as if we are in the valley surrounded by trees, which is quite different from the traditional space style of the basement.

      Dream forest

      The modeling curve of plants is designed according to the architectural appearance of "dream home", and has the leading role. In the southeast corner of the dream forest, we will build a "tree top" treetop adventure zone in combination with the terrain. We will build a platform between trees to let children imitate tree climbing, which is a friendly and sustainable sport.
      Dream square

      The easy jumping plant curve collides with the triangle waterscape, the cloud shaped "dream sky" and the ruler shaped "dream home" are connected through the air corridor, and the center of the central square will be the best clear water membrane concrete sinking design of Antang Zhongxiong. Left and right, high and low, Qu and Zhi collide here, and the spring water scene is like a dream.

      "Architecture is a medium for people to feel the existence of nature." As Tadao Ando once said, Ganso dream world confirms this sentence, which also coincides with the positioning of the project "children, environmental protection, culture, learning".
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