Qibao Business Campus Park landscape Design

Project scope: Redesign 
Project site: Qibao,Minhang,Shanghai
Project area: 2.19 Ha
Project duration: 2018-2019

      The design shows a "future type" new business "ecosystem" and creates public activities and continuous cooperation space for attracting and retaining outstanding talents in the market.
      The master plan of Vientiane enterprise center creates a series of dynamic pedestrian paths connecting the site with the adjacent Minhang Cultural Park and the surrounding city texture. The new building volume will greatly strengthen and consolidate the interaction between the sites.

      The north and south ends of the linear site are a series of single building elements. The above elements together form an internal central courtyard. At the same time, the reserved space between single buildings is also a secondary streamline across the site. The subtle changes between the volumes not only strengthen the architecture and streamline architecture, but also create the forms and places to promote the close interaction between people, as follows: sunken square and sky garden.
      The site plan integrates two different types of potential tenants - three rental buildings managed and maintained by China Resources Land Shanghai on the west side - through a shared public hall. Each building includes a range of potential layouts for ancillary office and retail business purposes to maximize flexibility for future use.
      The facade design enhances the dynamic sense throughout the site. The East-West facade presents a series of continuous and rhythmic vertical sunshades, which correspond to the changes of sunshine through the customized contour and thickness of each piece. Walking through the buildings, the vivid facade design will present different lines and shapes for visitors in various angles. If you are looking at the facade of the building, the above sunshade will present a completely transparent visual effect.

      In contrast, the North-South facade design consists of a compact transparent plane. The horizontal opening in the volume reduces the overall scale. In fact, the above openings create a private outdoor terrace for the enterprise residents, and can also be used as an auxiliary place for leisure and social interaction.
      The public hall is composed of a three-story high school courtyard, a dramatic streamline connecting bridge and a delicate wooden screen to protect the interior from direct sunlight. As an important design core of the whole project, the spacious public hall can provide tenants and visitors with collaborative interaction, and it is also the finishing touch of the overall design. The shared atrium breaks through the visual barrier between the internal environment and the outdoor courtyard through the design of the sunken square. There are rest seats, view gardens and waterscape inside. At night, the interior lighting lights up the whole building complex, and the unique artistic sense attracts different visitors from the surrounding areas.

      Interior design strategy combines a series of different all-weather collaborative and continuous activity spaces. To achieve that goal, the design divides a series of comprehensive functional facilities into a series of functional areas required by different activities, which run through the whole complex to encourage and promote interaction between different groups. Connecting the project building with the surrounding central garden and auxiliary sunken square in space and vision constitutes the "green lung" of the project. The building materials, furniture and artwork selected for interior design are inspired by the surrounding landscape, light and seasonal changes.
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