Rumah Kopi Ranin

Project scope: Masterplan, Architecture, Landscape design
Project site: Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Project area: 1600㎡
Project duration: 2018-2019

      Project implementation in this village is a fairly long process, not only in terms of construction but also the process of reading the landscape and its potential to be explored to find a balance between what is wanted, needed and the landscape itself. The elongated shape of space gives us the opportunity to enjoy space continuously and inspires us to create rhythmic space. The steep contour shape is also an advantage, so that vehicle noise can be minimized, which makes people listen to the sounds of nature
      The design we want to present is nothing more than a simple, rural atmosphere with a few rice fields, rivers, and buildings that are complementary and humble enough to stay in the landscape/space. Relying on the desire to create something in moderation, the efforts made not only apply to the design but also by using used materials, demolition of houses that can be used to construct several buildings.
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      Another interesting thing about this design and construction process was a small discussion that was held with fellow construction workers. The process of making "macadam" (stone road), ramp, and other things are done by giving space for construction workers to take part in making decisions and improvise, because we believe what is created is not only for personal business but communal. A work that is worth celebrating and being proud of together, the owners, workers, designers, visitors, and the universe.
Original works are forbidden to be reproduced.