Yuehu Estate Landscape Design

Project scope: Redesign - Construction - Cost Control
Project site:Songjiang,Shanghia
Project area: 1662.92㎡
Year of completion: 2019

      The design scope of the courtyard is large, and part of the east side of the building is slope terrain with large angle. And the facade design of the building is affected by it, so it is difficult to redesign.
      Most areas of the front yard will be treated with hard pavement in Tuning, because the surrounding water system is developed and the humidity is large. At the same time, the local annual rainfall is large. If the general wet pasted stone is used, problems such as whitening and discoloration will occur. We have used the concrete brick with side length of 1.5m as the main pavement material. These concrete bricks can be made of modules on site. At the same time, crushed stones are used to fill the leaking area, which is more conducive to surface rainwater infiltration.

      One side of the path on the west side is the regular waterscape long chain, the other side is the gabion boundary made of the original stone materials of the site, which is a combination of hard and soft.
      Backyard is mainly composed of space, movable lawn and wooden platform. Hereinafter referred to as the function of space more combined with the layout of the interior, most of the situation as an outdoor restaurant to use. The shape of the rest wood platform is specially designed. The flower box is placed on both sides and connected by fabric grid to form two hammocks, which is practical and interesting.

      Considering the situation of family members, the pool area is equipped with a platform and slide, and the plant design in the water steps and shallow water area makes the pool more interesting and full of experience.

      The design of the slope is more refined. In tuning, the site is divided into high and low floors, part of which is used as a parking area. At the same time, a step is added in the long and narrow area on the left side of the vehicle, which can directly enter the sinking area, surrounded by green plants, and a natural outdoor living room.