Far East Group Office Building

Project scope: Deepening Design of Construction Drawings
Project site: Pudong, Shanghai
Project duration: 2019
Awards: LEED

Crystal gems shining in the dawn of Huangpu River

      The office building of Far East Group is situated on the Bank of Huangpu River. It is like a crystal gemstone. It reflects the first ray of sunshine in the Far East in the morning, and its bright lights at night are reflected on the surface of the river, reflecting the magnificent light of the Far East.

      If we only study the habits of plants, the design will only be shallower. When we consider the data of plants, we also consider the significance of "plants" to human beings from the perspective of plants. Of course, plants should be pleasant and green, but we would like to dig deeper meaning, and in line with the design language we put forward for this project.

Landscape design mainly includes: external space design, indoor winter garden and roof garden design.

External space design: create a quiet, meditative space;
Garden-style pedestrian entrance space, create a quiet atmosphere of bamboo forests, high-quality landscape and provide shade for the sun in summer, but also with the setting of works of art to show the image of enterprises, stimulate vitality.

Indoor Winter Garden: Create a delicate office environment and build a green and healthy working space;
Garden-style foyer with good visual space, with multi-functional space of water, plants, artworks and seats.

Roof Garden Design: Improve the quality of the project, provide new places for employees to rest and negotiate.
Have a good visual environment and communication space, create a pleasant recreational space, inspire creativity and Inspiration of the roof garden.

Winter Garden Profile


Waterscape Profile

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