Fanwork Landscape Design
Project scope: Redesign - Completion plan - Cost
Project area: 5 Ha
Project site: Minhang, Shanghai
Project duration: 2019
Awards: Shanghai Best Office Building Design Award

      In the wave of urban renewal, the region has been placed high expectations - the titles of "green ecological demonstration zone" and "business travel demonstration zone" at the national level, which indicates that there will be a completely different urban texture from the building-type business district, and will produce more ecological, natural, humanistic and business integration, which will also create for landscape design. It has created a more favorable space to play.
Constructing | Urban Spectrum

      As an open public space, Hongqiao Business District presents a new urban texture endowed by the times, while landscape design needs to meet the complex characteristics of urban texture with various public functions.

      Inspired by the urban spectrum, the designer has made the most profound interpretation of "light" and "spectrum": "light" represents the speed-like development rhythm of light, and "spectrum" represents the colorful-rich cultural gathering. Thus, the theme of "Spectrum - Landscape - Spectral City" is refined.
      Through deepening the theme, the concept of functional zoning is derived from the seven concepts of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. Different personalities inject urban pulsation into Zhongjun Square.
Deconstruction | spectral blooming

      Construction completes the establishment of the system, but contrary to construction, deconstruction focuses on the analysis and reading of the ontology, and ultimately refines the design techniques. Jacques Derrida believed that deconstruction lays stress on demonstrating its self-creative spirit. Faced with the urban texture as the noumenon, the design method should not only integrate the landscape into the urban breathing vein, but also form its independent world outlook, so as to achieve the dual freedom of openness and privacy.

      To deconstruct the "urban spectrum", speed is not only the rhythm of urban renewal, but also the use of moving line planning, ground paving, waterscape design, etc. to varying degrees, which makes the individuals wandering in the park feel the variation of speed. The color should not be simple color stacking, using the combination of sculpture, plant collocation and other schemes to present a colorful and cultural connotation of visual experience.


       As a business park, 28 office buildings constitute the main building of Zhongjun Square. Designers refine architectural language, through deliberating, analyzing, deconstructing, extracting and applying the texture effect of building facade to landscape, get the basic design language and structure form of landscape, and achieve the coordination and unity of architecture and landscape.
       The facade texture of square office building is mainly composed of vertical metal component lines and glass square blocks. Vertical metal components bring upward extension to relatively dense buildings, so designers choose vertical lines in pavement construction, and the plane and elevation texture naturally link up, while achieving visual unity, forming a three-dimensional visual texture.

      On the other hand, color is arranged in parallel with light and dark colors. Designers are familiar with the individual relationship of color and use warm and cold color stitching to obtain visual variations. In different areas, the direction of paving lines should also change in order to strengthen the psychological feeling of walking.
      In areas with small building density and wide vision, paving lines follow the visual field vertically, parallel to the facade of the building, thus lengthening the visual effect and creating a sense of penetration from near to far.
      In the space with high building density, the pavement lines are arranged horizontally and perpendicular to the building facade. Visual perception is naturally excessive from the road to the building, and then stretches upward. Through the change of paving lines, the small space becomes larger and the narrow road becomes wider. At the same time, walking on such pavement, psychological rhythm and pace will follow the line rhythm and slow down, creating rare relaxation hints for busy business space.

      If the ground pavement brings the influence of space sense and the guide of line to the landscape, then the sculpture is not only the ornament and finishing touch of the landscape, but also reveals the spiritual connotation and cultural connotation of the design. Based on the concept of functional zoning derived from seven color concepts, the concept of sculpture is proposed from different perspectives. Based on this concept, Party A completes the selection and landing of sculpture and composes the city spectrum from the perspective of sculpture.

      The geometric combination of various colors reflects the tolerance and acceptance of multi-cultures in business districts and commercial streets. This is also the most important ideology in the spectrum of Shanghai. The contemplative human-shaped copper sculpture brings some balance to this tensive geometric splicing, which calms people down and slowly integrates into the business park.
      Red represents enthusiasm and tolerance. Big red irregular strip geometric sculpture is a bold application. Brilliant and concise colors make it undoubtedly the focus of the park. Viewing from different angles, it also presents different postures. It can be publicized or restrained. Some angles, like a door, create a sense of psychological belonging for fast-paced business people; some angles, like a bridge, guide you to the other side of success; more often, they are like a picture of rivers and mountains, creating a natural spiritual habitat for the city.
      On the other hand, the super-scale portrait sculpture expresses a more enthusiastic and unrestrained greeting gesture, relaxed and comfortable, allowing people to appreciate a kind of light wild interest in the shuttle map, inadvertently and unintentionally, although it is sculpture, but there is no sense of incompatibility. This is a rare small fortune in the city.
      The use of light and soft curves of the sculpture, showing a quiet and far-reaching. For the busy business office crowd, it is a psychological consolation. It is like a seed that is giving birth to new life, but its embryo is open and seems to be able to contain any form of life. It's like the uterus, like the mother, like that hidden in the depth of consciousness, want to return to the origin. Floating on the surface of the water decorated by the fountain, let this quiet, long-term and more vibrant, the lightness of the fountain and the ripple of falling water, beat a comfortable rhythm, invite you to integrate into the landscape with a welcome gesture.
      Blue represents calmness and calmness, which is the most common characteristic of successful businessmen. The use of seemingly unbalanced three-dimensional sculpture, high and low scattered around the pool, presents a centripetal force, symbolizing each individual. The trickle of water pouring down from the top of the sculpture expresses a calm concentration. The composure of business people is not rigid, but the focus of calm thinking on work.

      If the urban spectrum of pavement and sculpture is a kind of artificial sculpture, then the plant presents a kind of natural color. The building image of the business park is relatively strong and the building Canyon is formed between the buildings. Therefore, the plant design needs to be elegant, concise and clean, highlighting the modern concise aesthetic feeling, and exploring the diversity of landscape color from the plant collocation.

      Cherry blossoms are planted in a large area to form a cluster forest, showing a sense of orderliness. Cherry blossoms blossom and bring natural color to the landscape space. In addition, camphor tree has special fragrance, straight trunk and evergreen all the year round; Ginkgo biloba is a unique species in China, representing the beautiful image in Chinese culture. Camphor, ginkgo and cherry blossoms complement each other. Simplicity and elegance are unified in space.

      As a ground cover, the lawn has a simple and unified color, creating a sense of spatial unity for plants with different personalities. In order to break the monotonous plane of the lawn, the design language of the terrace is added, and the motion line of the terrace is high and low, which makes the spatial level richer and more interesting to watch.
      Glass curtain walls of commercial buildings are prone to the illusion of ice-cold. How to soften the cold facade of buildings by planting plants is also a test for plant design. Nata oak tree crown is extensive, branches and leaves are whirling, planting along the facade of the building, softening the edge of glass curtain wall and asphalt pavement, and relaxing the cold visual perception.
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