Dowell Yuejing Landscape Design

Project scope: Cost Control
Project site: Xiangcheng, Suzhou
Project area: 2.2 Ha
Project duration: 2018

      Dowell Yuejing is the first growing family community built by Dowell for Suzhou. It is also the first work of Dowell Yuejing Department in Suzhou.

      The community carefully lays out the shade space, so that parents and children can enjoy the warm walking time, and create youth sports venues, about 688 meters of variable speed runway, through about 2324 feet of sunshine lawn, fitness facilities and other functional areas, to achieve the connection of the whole park.

      Every child has a fantastic amusement park in his heart. In the strange and colorful world, there is an infinite imagination and longing for happiness. So East East Horse box, swing, seesaw, number of checkers... Integrating vitality, nature, growth and social factors, we can create an outdoor scene circle for exclusive children and a special care and communication area for adults, which indirectly prolongs children's happy time.

The opening of Dowell parade demonstration area is condensing modern aesthetic art and life authenticity, and awakening the infinite beautiful imagination of the future with a multi-scenario lifestyle.

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