Zhongnan Yuefu Landscape Design Deepening
Project scope: Landscape Design
Project site: Linyi, Shandong
Project area: 7982.7㎡
Project duration: 2017

       New Chinese landscape style design, the mood is born from the heart, a good design is not the surface of the flourishing stacking, but to understand the user's mood, and this style allows the public to experience a mood in space occasions, a mood, or bitter or happy or sour, can be revealed in the appropriate environment.

      Zhongnan Yuefu uses the idea of oriental aesthetics to render the space, borrows the Chinese garden's small-to-big, step-by-step gardening techniques, refines the essence, integrates modern minimalist design forms and creative techniques, creates a rich spatial level in the narrow space, and interprets the self-confidence and freedom of a traditional culture. In the process of independence and innovation, it highlights the Oriental charm, reflects its own personality, pursues the conjunction point of product demand and design, takes an unusual road, dares to innovate, adheres to the characteristics and advantages of product design, and blossoms its unique brilliance in the industry, and goes ahead vigorously.

      Architecture, landscape and interior are integrated, and through careful treatment of details and materials, a quiet, empty and luxurious space scene can be created in a small space.

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