Our Team
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Lisa Song
Founder, CEO, Principal

Lisa is proficient in design, engineering, cost, construction management,and served as the design leader, project management and technical guidance for many famous projects. It advocates the integration of design and cost control. Design should pay more attention to human care and social environment.
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Liu Meng (Dominic)
Co-Founder, Head of Project

Dominic is a talented and enthusiastic landscape architect with a broad range of skills from design visualization through to detailed design. He has worked on some residential and public realm projects. Technically capable across a range of software platforms.
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Ndaru A. Pranoto
Co-Founder, Head of Design

Ndaru has led some cultural, tourism, hospitality and masterplan project with various scale in Indonesia. He also a founding partner of Sumbu Studio in Bogor. His passion for Landscape Architecture is driven by the relationship between environment, ecology, culture, and societal needs.
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COO & Finance

Andy is fully responsible for the company's market operation and management; participate in the company's overall planning, improve the company's systems.
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Project Leader

Lily is interested in ways in which considered design can have a positive effect on communities and improve the quality of people’s lives.
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Project Leader/master designer

Takasi is passionate about creating distinctive, beautiful and robust landscape. Driven by the idea of a site’s features, Takasi has developed a versatile and sensitive approach to landscape architecture.

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Cost Engineer

As a cost engineer, Helen is responsible for the management of project cost, involving such activities as estimating, cost control, cost forecasting, investment appraisal and risk analysis.
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Project Leader

 Kobe’s interest lies in the dynamic interaction between ecological, social and economic processes. His design approach focuses on understanding these processes to define the character of the site, not only geographical but also the historical, social, and aesthetic.
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Landscape Designer

Naska is interested in the relationship between the disciplines of civil engineering, landscape architecture and urban design. Through his work he seeks to explore the methods and techniques to create environmentally urban spaces.
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Rizky R. Ramdhany
Managing Director

As the managing director, Rizky is responsible for office and project activities in Indonesia. Rizky is passionate about urban renewal, landscape and city planning projects..
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M. Reza Rasyid
Design Director

Reza is responsible for the projects and designs that are carried out in Indonesia. He also has an interest in art and landscape which is his approach to design.