About Us
We are an international landscape design company based in Shanghai. Our team comes from many different countries, with more than ten years of landscape experience, full of passion and responsibility. We perform our practice at the crossroads of various fields because we believe that people's quality of life is related to their culture, nature and the surrounding architectural environment. 

We are looking for new definitions of landscape design, hoping to create designs that can provide the feel of comfort, safety, positive energy, unique and memorable. For us, "design" is a journey to feel the environment. We use our deep and creative approach to design objects, spaces, places, and regions. We firmly believe that through design, we can help each other, create public spaces that contribute to the environment, people's happiness, health, and safety.

Our main design services are:
Landscape Planning and Design, Residential Landscape, Commercial Landscape, Engineering Optimization, Cost Control, and Garden Design and Build
Why Choose Us

Diversification of Creativity

At the same time, the Chinese and British team carries out the project creation, providing different schemes and creative ideas to customers. The tripartite talks will find the best creative scheme. The project will be designed from different angles and dimensions to enhance the project's popularity and taste.

Design-Cost Integration

Accurate control, shorten time and cost, the company has the latest material integration information and professional design cost personnel, can quickly estimate, in the scheme and construction drawings stage to provide a cost, greatly reducing the uncertainty of development time and development cost.

Internationalization of Construction Technology

Has advanced design ability and construction technology manufacturing, and direct guidance in the construction stage.

Integration of Change Delivery, Examination and Completion

Cooperate with the engineering unit in the construction process of drawing changes, submitted for examination and acceptance, completion, settlement integration services.